Child Custody and Visitation

Perhaps the most emotionally difficult aspect of a divorce is child custody. Our goal at Christopher Marshall Law is to find a way to put clients’ children first, as divorce can have potentially lifelong effects on them. Unfortunately, one spouse often has an unreasonable view of the “best interests” of their own child or children, and this leads to contested and sometimes ugly legal proceedings. Our experience pursuing solutions that put your kids first, without compromising your rights, is a strength of our firm.

Mediating a solution to custody is always the first hope, but if that fails then the dispute will be reviewed in court by a Family Law judge. Both legal and physical custody will need to be determined.

Legal Custody refers to each parents’ authority to make decisions about the child’s education, upbringing, religion, medical care, and more. Physical custody however deals with where each child will live, how much overnight time the respective parents will have, holidays, and other issues.

Our expertise and experience can help you navigate the emotionally-charged process of determining child custody without losing your soul. Contact Christopher Marshall Law today for a no-obligation review of your situation.

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