Divorce: Our Approach

Making the decision to pursue a divorce is extremely stressful. Equally as difficult is receiving the news from your spouse that they want to end it. In either case we are here to help answer your questions and guide you through the next steps in a straightforward and understandable way.
There are a lot of divorce attorneys in San Diego County and their styles can vary significantly. Some are good, some are bad and lots of them are unnecessarily expensive. Below is a basic explanation of how we work at Christopher Marshall Law.

We listen to you.

The first and most important step is to listen closely to your unique situation to better understand your struggles. A solid strategy can best be formed when we know the ins and outs of your life, your kids’ lives and your future hopes and goals.

We present a clear path forward

From the outside, a divorce can look like a complicated mess of paperwork and hearings. We strive to present you an understandable step-by-step proposal to how we will get you your life back. This includes describing the necessary forms we will fill out, discussing upcoming hearings and keeping you updated as the process moves forward.

We are thorough

A pet-peeve of ours at Christopher Marshall Law is when other divorce attorneys provide incomplete (or completely dishonest) disclosures about their clients. We don’t do that. Our staff works with you to produce clean, organized and detailed records. It is one of the easiest ways to get on the good side of your judge and court clerk.

We conduct aggressive discovery

Because we work hard to provide complete and accurate information about your situation to opposing counsel, we expect no less from them. With an eye toward detail we review all documents received from your spouse’s attorney for completeness and accuracy. If something is missing, we will follow up right away. The last thing we want to do is get close to the finish line before realizing that we haven’t requested vitally needed information.

We are not afraid of fighting it out in front of the judge if necessary

Too often we see divorce attorneys who are scared to voice their opinion in front of a judge. This is not the case with Christopher Marshall Law. Family law judges in San Diego tend to be reasonable and are willing to listen to coherent arguments in favor of a client. Request for Order (RFO) hearings are a common part of the divorce litigation process and we know how to handle them.

We don’t overreach

If you want an attorney who is going to play dirty tricks in order to get 80% custody when only 50/50 custody is warranted, call someone else. We fight hard to get you everything you are owed under the law, but we are not going to waste your hourly billing trying for the unattainable. Part of our consultation will include a discussion about how reasonable your wishes are and what we can do for you. We will get you a great deal, but we won’t get you an unethical one.

We don’t overbill

Let’s be honest, we have done this before, and we have templates for many of the commonly used forms. Some firms in San Diego will bill 10 hours to fill out a spousal support application even though it took them 20 minutes. We bill you for the actual time we spend on your case. This typically leads to our total costs being less than half of some of the big-name divorce attorneys in San Diego.

We are real people not revenue collecting robots

Some firms in town have a rule that their attorneys must request additional money from their clients on each phone call, regardless of how much has already been paid. Not us. We would like you to be happy with your family law attorney at the conclusion of your case and we know that beating you up for money over and over is not the way to get there.
If you don’t like your current family law attorney, or you just want to ask a couple questions, please give us a call at (858) 964-2324 and we can set up a no-cost consultation.

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