Spousal Support (Alimony)

Spousal Support is gender neutral in California, meaning that either spouse could be ordered to pay it after a separation. The goal of spousal support is to provide enough support for the lower earning spouse while they adjust to their new single lifestyle. Spousal support is available on both a temporary basis and permanently. A temporary spousal support application can be submitted during the divorce proceeding. The intention of temporary spousal support is to provide funds for the lower earning spouse while divorce negotiations are ongoing.

After the divorce is finalized, the court will remove the temporary spousal support order and may put in a place a long-term spousal support order. The length of the long-term spousal support order will vary based on the length of the marriage, the relative financial standing of the parties, and the employment prospects of the lower earning spouse.

While the monthly dollar amount of temporary spousal support (also known as pendente lite spousal support) is generally figured using a straightforward formula and calculation, long-term support is much more complex. The length of long-term support, the needs of the lower earning spouse and the underlying math used to figure it out are all subject to dispute and argument during a divorce. At Christopher Marshall Law we are skilled at presenting these data in a way that ensures fairness and satisfaction for our clients.


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